Dex Files S2 EP3 – Gulf Islands

For episode 3, we decided to travel back to our home and finally try out a few areas we’ve had our eyes on for half a decade. We’ve taken the ferry from Victoria to Salt Spring Island what seems like a million times, and each of those times we can’t help but notice the bluffs on Saturna Island.

Unfortunately for BC Ferries, their schedule was lacking, so we chartered a boat from Salt Spring to Saturna. I’d never seen the Gulf Islands from this vantage point. Even growing up on Salt Spring I’d never really appreciated the scope of the islands.

Once unloaded from our boat we set off up the mountain and quickly realized the hike was not a walk in the park. After 2 long hours we ended up at our destination. Despite being incredibly worn out, we started shooting after a quick visit with the wild goats.

Not only were the views spectacular, but the riding was worth every second. Singletrack cliff edge trails are rather disconcerting, but these invited to you to go fast.

Salt Spring Island was another leg of the trip for us. It’s close to all of us as it’s where we grew up, we knew we couldn’t visit the Gulf Islands without a stop here. Although we only scratched the surface in this episode, I would recommend a weekend on Salt Spring to anyone. Camp in Ruckle Park on the south end of the island and bring your XC or all-mountain bike along for some guaranteed good times.

Thanks everyone for tuning in this season. As always a very special thanks to GoPro, Intense Bicycles, Easton Components, Bell Helmets, Fox, and Outdoor Gear Canada for supporting this season.