Dex Files S2 EP2 – Whistler Valley Trails

This round started with the usual early morning Tim Horton’s session. Bags packed to spend a couple nights in Pemberton but to our misfortune/delight, the weekend threw a gigantic curveball, finally rolling us to a stop in Whistler on some incredible valley trails. The valley trails surrounding Whistler’s Bike Park are often overlooked. Maybe at some point you promised yourself you’d hike around and experience them but became caught up in the bike park.

There’s so much to see in Whistler even if you aren’t there for the trails. The surroundings are worth the trip. Carpets of moss cover the forest floor, it’s as if someone took a rake and dragged a proprietary line through the dirt. This is due to the nature of the forest in the valley; the extremely damp conditions allow incredible moss growth. Time to focus on the riding, which did not disappoint. Being my first time exploring outside of the bike park, I couldn’t believe what I’d missed. Steep, loose, and fast, the adjectives that make up the best trails. The riding was spectacular, lots of different line choices and dirt to play with. After a long day of hiking the trails, a lakeside salmon barbecue and a couple of beers was the best way to unwind.

Thanks for watching, and look out for our third episode soon! A very special thanks to GoPro, Intense Bicycles, Easton Components, Bell Helmets, Fox, and Outdoor Gear Canada for supporting this season.