Dex Files S2 EP1 – Hood River, Oregon

For Season 2 we’ve re-worked our formula. Continuing a trend of well-documented, familiar trails was not the road we wanted to re-travel. We wanted to focus on areas widely renowned, but otherwise undocumented. Places that offer something more than just great riding. To get creative we needed new settings that would offer up new opportunities, and get Dexter outside his downhill oriented comfort zone. This season was all about taking a bigger footstep. To reach farther out into the northwest where we reside. We want to bring an even better experience to our viewers.

Episode 1 of season 2 takes things up a notch. With a larger budget, and more time to explore; we find ourselves in Hood River, Oregon.

Day 1, we decided to explore and get some static shots of the “old town”. Immediately coming across a range of characters, our trip started to take shape. After a quick history lesson by a curious local shop owner, we grabbed some coffee and headed over to the Syncline. We’re cheating slightly by calling the Syncline, Oregon, as it’s across the bridge into Washington. But nevertheless winding our way along the Columbia River was gorgeous.

The Syncline is widely talked about though not widely documented. The scope of the cliff edge and the scree slope at the bottom gave a totally different feel to the riding. Taking a tight turn 5 feet from the edge would have been terrifying at the least windy of times, but we managed to pick some of the windiest early spring days imaginable. This episode was one of the first times I’d had a chance to really ride my Tracer 27.5, and some of the uphills I would not have been able to clean without it. An absolute shred machine of a bike and an amazing trip.